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mardi 14 août 2007

Parti Pris Deja Vu

July 29, 2007 - Pornocracy

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Few people understand the psychology of dealing with flesh-eaters.

In orderfor a porn image to work, it doesnt need to have good quality, nor even good looking subjects to show.
The equilibrium is held by the ever-so-strong value of the structure in porn.

More than any consumerist cult, porn is detail-oriented: the detail identifying a particular picture is more than its reason-to-be, it should be considered as its identity.

Cross reference studies of full screen porn videos show that the function 'close-up on pussy' can be submitted to infinite variations. Infinite? the same subject, penetrated or masturbated, licked or penetrated, or just penetrated.... by a fruit or vegetable. The variation is appallingly small, but since the vagina is never the same, it feels to the end-user as if it has something unique.
And scarcely if ever does a porn user regret to have watched one particular image, even though he saw it already, during the same minute, as long as he is persuaded that something is moving in front of him, wether it concerns images, women, fantasies, or ultimately formatted desires.

July 29, 2007 - Geneva

Posted in Skateboarding
Of all the emptiness with which the people living in Switzerland fill their days, one will want to spend more time grooving around the jive-bar constructed Skatepark of Plainpalais.

Youth flows down here, as our wonderful pictures show.

Several clans (the actual identity of which we will not let perspire, for anonymity's sake) build up a strange and mildly welcoming whole, which, despite what old people living in geneva might think, is quite peaceful and acceptant.

Star skaters: Fabio, Alexi, Ken.

you will hear more about them in

99 days

July 29, 2007 - Tombstones

Of all the influential drug-inventing (or just studying) scientists our century, Albert Hoffman is probably the one everyone will remember.

After that comes Timothy Leary without a doubt.

In between, people will often cross-reference Carlos Castaneda and Aldous Huxley.

But the work of the french Henri Laborit should be insistantly cited among the connoisseurs as well as in noobie drug communities.

find out when this article is more than a stub.

July 29, 2007 - An ode

Posted in Music
King of our time, ahead of the future: Amon Tobin is one of the few contemporary musicians who could pretend to be prophets in their own world .
Mechanical landscapes alternate with organic loops of eternally varied patterns.This description of the music of Tobin could fit many other electronic shamans, but one could desperately wonder what makes his music particularily totemic.

And, while one of the most obvious awnsers is heterogeneity, more obvious signs show that the ammount of commerciability invoked by the consecutive Tobin albums is way far what other, perhaps even better patchwork and mash-up artists produce.

The unity of his work is a big question. have fun solving it . but buy it. and give us money for tipping you.

July 29, 2007 - inoculauguration

Les documents rassemblés sur cette page sont liés par la volonté de rassembler les domaines les plus hétéroclytes et d'en faire un magazine.

Nous esperons que ca vous plaira bien!

July 29, 2007 - Inaucuniliguration

Our magazine shall attempt a dirty strike upon some possible sides of the human brain: philosophy, art, science fiction, pornography, street painting and skateboarding.

Thank you for believing in our will to make those disciplines converge.

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